Snapchef offers a proven model that supports employers, empowers workers, and rewards franchisees

Snapchef is a leading provider of qualified foodservice staffing. Since 2002, we’ve fulfilled over 1 million shifts for the education (K-12), healthcare, higher education, and hospitality industries. But we’re more than your average headhunter. We equip workers with culinary skills as well as connect them to rewarding jobs.

Every franchise offers profit potential and financial independence. But how many also foster workplace development, economic growth, and personal advancement? It’s a win-win for everyone.

Low Costs, Unlimited Potential

Only a simple office build-out and basic equipment needed.

Immediate Customer Opportunities

Access to Snapchef’s national client agreements from Day 1.

Proprietary Technology

Ready-to-use software to manage and grow the business.

Training & Ongoing Support

Expert-led support to help industry newcomers succeed.

Our Differentiation

Snapchef’s Director of Franchise Development, a seasoned entrepreneur with 25 years of experience, shares what drew him to Snapchef and why it stands out from any other franchise he’s encountered.

The Opportunity

Snapchef is quickly expanding nationwide, with recent franchise location rights secured in northern New Jersey, Chicago, and Alexandria, Virginia. We expect strong interest in hospitality-driven markets like Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, and others.

Why They Chose Snapchef

Hear from our growing family on “Why They Chose Snapchef”. It is in their own words and unscripted.

Transitioning from the digital marketing industry to hospitality staffing with this franchise has been a game-changer for me. The low investment and high revenue potential make it a smart business choice. I’m excited to leverage my digital marketing skills to not only grow this business but also contribute to workforce development and uplift my community.

The vision of this company; training people for a new career in the hospitality industry and providing a solution for understaffed kitchens, are accomplishments that I want to be a part of. It is a win-win service for both our employees and customers.

Greg D’Angelo
Managing Partner
Bloomfield, NJ franchisee

Snapchef has been the ideal opportunity for launching my own venture in hospitality staffing. With a background in developing similar businesses, I was immediately drawn to Snapchef’s innovative approach and commitment to quality. It was time for my efforts to be put into building a business for myself.

Snapchef not only provided a proven business model but also the national agreements with the largest foodservice staffing companies in the country, something I knew I would need to set myself apart in this industry. Snapchef has empowered me to combine my passion for staffing with entrepreneurial freedom, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to succeed on their own terms in the culinary staffing industry.

Ivan Navas
Managing Partner
Alexandria, VA franchisee

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